Board of Chapter Advisors

The Upsilon Alpha Colony Board of Colony Advisors(BCA) is being formed.  Jeffrey Derickson ’72 is the BCA President.  Below are the current Advisors.  If interested in being on the board, contact Vince San Angelo at:  CC:

Category                                             Advisor

Chapter Leadership/Admin         Jeffrey Derickson ’72

Finances                                           Vince San Angelo ’62

Fraternity Law/Risk Mgmt           _________________

Graduate Relations                         _________________

Housing (upon occupancy)           Vince San Angelo ’62

Pledge Education                             _________________

Public Relations                               _________________

Ritual                                                  _________________

Recruitment                                      _________________

Scholarship/Academics                  _________________

Philanthropy                                     _________________

Webmaster/Social Media               _________________

Database Management                   Vince San Angelo ’62