Greek Related Resources

  • Apex 3101
    This website offers books, conferences, on-campus events, and trips to promote the spiritual growth of fraternity men. APEX 3101 believes that today’s fraternity men are tomorrow’s leaders. Job opportunities available for those interested via an on-line application.
  • Association of Fraternity Advisors (AFA)
    This website offers individuals who work or volunteer in the areas of higher education and fraternity and sorority advising, the benefit of membership in an organization that provides a vast array of valuable resources to enhance their levels of support. Membership has multiple levels, which allows the individual better networking within their specific criterion.
  • Center for the Study of the College Fraternity
    This website provides valuable and interesting statistics in trends for undergraduate fraternity and sorority recruitment and also historical data for those trends. CSCF offers membership, grants, and awards. Publications of research projects are offered for a nominal fee.
  • Fraternity Executives Association (FEA)
    This organization is operated to promote, support, and encourage the free discussion of ideas related to fraternal organizations. Website access is limited without becoming a member but plenty of information is still available to interested parties.
  • Gamma Sigma Alpha
    As a national Greek academic honor society, they offer the ability to charter new chapters, earn scholarships, receive awards, and network with other members. This website offers directories, benefits, and information to make the most of Gamma Sigma Alpha.
  • Greek Ministry Cooperative
    Greek InterVarsity is a non-denominational Christian organization that tries to reach out to fraternal organizations with spiritual guidance across the country. The website lists national conferences, local events and summer opportunities for those interested in participating with Greek IV.
  • Greek Pages
    Greek Pages lists, to the best of its knowledge, each fraternity and sorority present at the many campuses nation wide. Information and links can be updated for each Chapter using an on-line form. Other resources are listed for potential members and current members via links and articles pertinent to the Greek community.
  • Greek Source
    This website serves as a message board for just about every Greek organization in existence. Registration is quick and posts are easily added.
  • Mid-American Greek Conference Association (MGCA)
    The MGCA provides member services promoting growth and development within Interfraternity, National Pan-Hellenic, Panhellenic, and Greek Councils throughout their Mid-American region of 16 states. Other resources include local conferences, a newsletter, and an awards program for members.
  • National PanHellenic Conference (NPC)
    This website supports women’s fraternities by promoting ideals of education, leadership, friendships and values. Employment opportunities are listed along with numerous sponsors and advertisements for annual conferences.
  • North-American Interfratenity Conference (NIC)
    This website lists resources available to fraternal organizations in regards to many on campus topics including, but not limited to, recruitment, alcohol and leadership. Formally known as the NIC, this organization is a compilation of 66 organizations with over 5500 chapters on 800 campuses.
  • Order of Omega National Honor Society
    This website is the home of the Greek honor society Order of Omega. Listed are current chapters, officers, scholarship opportunities, fellowships, and ways of opening new chapters. Also available is an online store and a FAQ’s section to better outline the organization and its policies.
  • South-Eastern Interfraternity Conference(SEIFC)
    One of the six regional associations around North America, the AEIFC is committed to the individuals within the Greek community on each campus. Yearly Leadership Academies are held in Atlanta and membership dues are minimal.
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