John Glenn Fouse ’65

To say that brother Fouse had a busy college career would be an un­derstatement. John lettered in football and baseball during his time at the University of Arizona, and he still found time be a Fiji. John says that his Fiji brothers, who were great people, provided him friendship, encouragement, guidance, and yes, even time for some fun.

Brother Fouse graduated in four years with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation brother Fouse was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Indians. His love for football prompted him to choose a career in football, but injuries caused him to abandon that endeavor. He then opted to pursue a career in professional baseball. He signed with the Cleveland Indians and was then traded to the Philadelphia Phillies. Brother Fouse played in the Phillies farm system making it up to the major league team for several stints. As luck would have it, John broke his shoulder, which ended his Major league career.

After his athletic career, brother Fouse spent several years with various insurance companies until making his final career stop with the “Stillson & Donohay Agency” in Poland, Ohio. The main focus of his company is insuring various professions, to include Dentistry and Medicine.

Brother Fouse has received numerous awards within his industry. He has also been inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of fame, the University of Arizona Hall of Fame and the Beaver County ( Pennsylva­nia) Hall of Fame. Brother Fouse is involved in Freemasonry, YMCA, his church and has served on the Poland, Ohio school board.

Brother Fouse says that his brother Fijis helped him to learn that if he takes care of his character, his reputation will take care of itself. He also states: “As you look back upon your life, the moments when you really feel you have lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.” Brother Fouse also states: “I loved being a part of Upsilon Alpha and my Fiji experience. I love being with my brothers and loved my brothers as individuals.” Brother Fouse says, “I’m mighty proud to be a Fiji.”