Parents Club

Fiji Moms, Dads, and Sons


 Dear Parents,

Our International Fraternity has established Mary McCarty Mothers’ Clubs at many of our chapters (we have taken the liberty to call ours a “parents” club).  The club is named after the wife of one of the founding members of Phi Gamma Delta and was created to allow parents to be a part of their son’s fraternity experience.  

The Parent’s Club supports your sons by:

   1.  Supplying supplemental food during Spring/Fall Final Exams when the men are up late studying.

   2.  Helping fund Chapter House Improvement Projects such as, new living room and library furniture, improving the library and study room educational spaces, the dining room, and the recreation room.  This is often done as a joint effort with the House Corporation called the Upsilon Alpha Building Corp (UABC).  Our non-profit corporation owns the chapter house and the land.  When you visit you will notice that the FIJI chapter house is one of the nicest on campus, thanks to many graduate brothers who have generously contributed after their undergraduate college days.

   3.  Actively supplying support and helping the men in planning and conducting activities on Parent’s Weekend in the fall semester to help raise money for the Club and to support the chapter’s Philanthropic activities.  Last year the chapter held events to raise approximately $20,000 for the HOPE Mental Health Foundational—a non-profit organization that seeks to create a better world by removing barriers to therapy so individuals can progress emotionally and break cycles of destruction for themselves, their families and their communities.  

   4.  Hosting a Mom or Dad Weekend (alternates each year) during the spring semester.

   5.  Conducting any other activities parents can arrange with their sons and fraternity members to foster the relationship of parents and their son’s fraternity.

A FIJI Mom who has two undergraduate sons in the chapter, Allison Barkley, has volunteered to head the Club and is currently soliciting parents to join.  To provide information, she has formed a Facebook Group, The UA FIJI Parents Club.  Parents can join the group in Facebook. Membership is not a time-consuming task, and it offers a way to be involved in your son’s college experience.

The Graduate Brother who oversees the Parent’s Club is the Chapter Advisor that we call the “Purple Legionnaire”---Trevor Henson, who graduated in 2019 and served as one of the Founding Fathers of the Upsilon Alpha Colony in 2017.

If you are interested in actively helping with the Parents’ club or just becoming a member, please contact  Allison Barkley via her email or 602-570-4777. Or, you can contact Trevor at his email or 928-951-4657.

Membership in the club is open to all parents.  Donations are welcome to support the activities of the club.  They may be made at the following link. 

Donate Now.

We ask for your help and look forward to assisting the men of Upsilon Alpha have a viable Mary McCarty Parents Club. .Having an active Club also contributes to the chapter in competing for national awards. 

Thank you.